In a bid to prevent any “Fake Stake” attack on their network, PIVX has rolled out some updates. Confirming this in an official tweet, the privacy blockchain stated:

Update: Core Development Team has published PR #803 containing a series of comprehensive fixes to address all the vulnerabilities outlined in the recent securities report for both PoS and zPoS that is unique to #PIVX

The fixes are meant to mitigate current challenges such as blocks spam filtering and the storage of invalid PoS and zPoS blocks from forked chains. The team has promised to give the details of what has been done in their next QA session.

In our earlier article on CryptoBridge temporarily disabling deposits and withdrawals as a precautionary measure, we briefly talked about the “Fake Stake” attack on chain-based PoS coins. The Fake Stake attack “allows an attacker with little or no stake on a network to crash any of the nodes by running a corresponding software.