Earlier in October, we reported the unveiling of the PolisPay Mastercard. The Mastercard which is supposed to allow users to seamlessly convert their digital assets to fiat and spend them anywhere in the world has since been in a closed beta testing phase. 11 lucky users were selected for this phase.

Since September when closed beta testing began, the team has focused on converting crypto to fiat on the Mastercard, conversion of cryptocurrencies (PolisPay Shift) and in-app transfers.

The team is, however, ready to scale things up and welcome a wider audience to test the project. Instructions on how to participate in the open beta testing can be found here.

Manage your cryptocurrencies in one app with the secure PolisPay wallet. The PolisPay card lets you load fiat currency anywhere using your Polis Wallet and other available crypto coins. Get instant withdrawals from Mastercard compatible ATMs and spend with any Mastercard merchant.


In addition to an open beta testing, Polis has also revealed their roadmap for 2019. Highlights of what to expect from the community-based crypto are listed below:

  1. Open beta testing, integration of more coins and marketing in Q1
  2. Integration with PolisNodes and PolisPay Shift in Q2
  3. Cash-in System, multi-sig wallets, address book and ETH and token integration between Q3 and Q4
Source: Polis Medium