Earlier in March, PolisPay ran into some operational hurdles which forced the project to discontinue the distribution of its PolisPay Mastercard in countries other than Mexico. At that time, the team hinted that they were already in talks with Union Pay and considering other card services like Evertec and Cacao.

The team has revealed that talks with Union Pay has yielded positive results and they “will begin the new process of developing the integration of prepaid Union Pay cards to the PolisPay app.” 500 cards have already been made available to this effect, to begin a closed beta testing phase.

Several months after the cancellation of the PolisPay card, we are very pleased to announce that the PolisPay card is back.

Using the new card requires a yearly payment of $35 (paid in POLIS) and attracts a fee of $1.5 and $4.5 for POS payments and ATM withdrawals, respectively.

Whilst Union Pay is not the endgame in terms of the payment options that should be available to POLIS users, it is a good start. The team has reassured members of its community that they are working had to bring back their Mastercard cards.