Earlier this week, we reported that the PolisPay Mastercard became restricted in every other region other than in Mexico. Their card provider had license to operate only within Mexico, but this information was not disclosed to Polis. Polis has taken steps to grow beyond the current challenge.

The liquidity-focused blockchain project is reaching out to several card providers in a bid to extend their services to users across the globe. They are currently in talks with UnionPay and walking on the technicalities of the deal. Other possible card providers on the list include Evertec and Cacao. Basically, Polis is focusing on both local and international card providers to rapidly expand PolisPay.

Beyond finding new card providers, the PolisPay dev team will be working on some visual rebranding in the coming weeks. The team has also hinted that users and merchants should expect stablecoin on the PolisPay platform soon. This feature will allow merchants to receive crypto payments and instantly convert them to less volatile digital assets.

Moving forward, PolisPay Shift will be a separate application from the PolisPay ecosystem. This way, anyone can use it with or without the PolisPay app.