In a week time, users will be able to purchase digital gift cards using Polis tokens, directly from the Polis app. The Polis team stated that they will be rolling out an open beta phase of the update on August 15.

Supported vouchers will be added to the PolisPay app. This will enable a seamless in-app purchase of real-world goods and services. All a user needs to do is to visit the “Vouchers” tab from the menu, view the list of available vouchers or simply search for a preferred voucher. Once a seen, a user can view the different variants and supported countries for that particular voucher. Users can then proceed to buy the redeemable voucher using Polis. A redeemable code will be available in the Voucher Record log page.

As earlier stated, Polis will have support for a variety of products and services cutting across several industries. In the Mobile Industry, for example, users can purchase vouchers and services from Vodafone, Telekom, Otelo, Mobi, Lifecell, E-Plus and F.C. Bayern Mobil, amongst others. Gaming and entertainment are not left out of the mix since vouchers from Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Live Card, PlayStation Plus 12 Monate, Stream, Xbox, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify and Netflix (just to mention a few) are available. Amazon gift cards will also be available for purchase from the app.