Masternodes have been praised for being a passive way to earn income in the cryptocurrency space. Sadly, setting up a masternode can become quite cumbersome and technical, especially for non-tech investors. Some of the requirements for hosting a masternode include having the right hardware, sufficient hard disk space, and some technical know-how.

Armageddon is bridging the gap between effectively deploying masternodes and interested investors, who may otherwise be discouraged by the technicalities involved. The blockchain project is an “easy turnkey solution” that enables users host masternodes in few simple steps – everybody and anybody should be able to set up a masternode without going through the hassles of complex configuration.

Because Armageddon launched only several days ago on CryptoBridge, early investors can still benefit from a high ROI of ~2,600% / 14 days according to The first 100 nodes hosted on their platform will be completely free for life.

How Does It Work?
The Armageddon platform does the heavy lifting by creating and configuring masternode servers behind the scenes. All that users need to do is to register on the platform, make a deposit for the masternode they will like to host, and input links to their wallet on the masternode server.

The platform is a web-based application that allows users to create hosted masternodes for their favourite coin. Masternodes already available on the platform include HempCoin (THC), Know Your Developer (KYD), AdultChain (XXX), Armageddon (AGDN) and Savenode (SNO). Other masternodes will be added to the network as the project progresses, and on request.

By taking away complexities like servers and terminals, the entry barrier for non-technical people has been greatly reduced.


It is worth noting that Armageddon has three key features – instant node deployment, shared masternodes, and charitable donations. As the name implies, “instant node deployment” means that members can deploy any masternode of their choice on the platform and start earning passively in just a few steps.

It is no news that the collateral for hosting a masternode are sometimes high, favoring optimistic investors. Interestingly, Armageddon has introduced an option for members who may not have enough collateral to host a full masternode. With the shared masternodes option, members can enjoy a shared trusted service and own a percentage of a full node, and still earn passively. The network has also pledged that 5% of their monthly profits will be sent to selected charities.


Platform & Security
The platform has a simple interface and is very easy to use. Masternodes are hosted in a random datacenter of Vultr, which allows for flexibility and can easily adapt and scale to host masternodes.

Users are expected to pay $0.30 daily in Armageddon tokens (AGDN) for every masternode server that they launch.

In order to keep the network safe, no coins are stored on the masternode server – collateral coins are stored in a cold wallet. What this means is that you get to keep them in your wallet, and prove that they are yours. The platform provides a simple step by step guide to perform this.

Armageddon has successfully reached milestones like launching their blockchain, getting listed on an exchange (CryptoBridge), as well as having a shared masternode portal. Other significant milestones that are scheduled for Q1 and Q2 of 2019 include mass marketing, the release of their mining pool and whitepaper, the release of Android and iOs masternode management app, and getting listed on major exchanges.

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