CatoCoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency which solves the problems of unsustainable ROI and unfair distribution which are plaguing the Masternode industry.

Other projects have tried and failed to solve these problems by doing things such as initially offering high block rewards (leading to unfair distribution and centralization) or offering low ROI (not sufficiently incentivizing additional nodes to join, leading to a less secure network).

We do this by way of our (patent pending) NextGen Technology Masternodes.

What are NextGen Technology Masternodes?

In a word; Innovation.

We've disrupted the status quo in which every coin is a clone of one another. Our revolutionary algorithms adjust rewards and collateral without having to deactivate your Masternode.

Masternode collateral starts off lower, and increases incrementally as more and more nodes join the network. The amount of CATO produced each block also rises with the node count, therefore alleviating the early adopter advantage (and dramatically lowering the risk of centralization).

CatoCoin is the only Masternode coin in the world which can guarantee an ROI.

Why would non technically minded people invest in CATO?

We understand that not everybody who enters the crypto industry is technically minded, in fact it’s likely the very small minority who will understand the difference between CATO and any regular Masternode project, and therefore we are giving CATO appeal to majority by way of things such as 'CatoCasino', 'Investor Portal' and 'Masternode Exchange'.

CatoCasino, (which is currently in production and due for release within Q4 2018) will be our Casino Platform where you can solely use CATO in order to make wagers - driving demand and creating scarcity for CATO.

We will have numerous different games to appeal to all types of user - the online gambling industry is forecasted to be a $60 Billion market by 2020 [Source] so as you can see we shouldn't be lacking participants!

Online gambling market size from 2009 to 2020. Source:

Our Investor Portal will make CATO NextGen Masternodes available to everybody, no matter their level of technical ability. This platform requires you to send a Wire Transfer or Cheque to our platform HQ. We then go about purchasing CATO, setting up the NextGen Masternode and assigning you a CatoCoin Portal Account in which you can view your CatoCoin wallet*. By doing these we remove absolutely all barriers to entry to owning a CATO NextGen Masternode, from removing the need to sign up with exchanges to removing the need for the technical knowhow!


Aside from our CatoCasino and Investor Portal, we will be launching a Masternode exchange where you will be able to buy and sell existing NextGen Masternodes on the CatoCoin Network with the same collateral requirements as when setup. This allows investors to realize the full value of their Node, rather than selling CATO as coins.

Our Mission is Innovation

At CatoCoin we are doing everything we can to solve the problems faced by the Crypto Industry - our NextGen technology is just the beginning, we will continue to improve our platform, as well as striving to ensure CATO is as available and accessible to everybody as possible.

Rest Assured - this is just the beginning with CatoCoin! To find out more, visit our NEW website at

*Our Investor Portal requires the investor to verify their identity

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