The initial phase of the project will introduce the TWINS cryptocurrency, as the first step in building an extensive decentralised network of masternodes together with the global community. The mainnet will be launched on the 1st January 2019.

The platform will be a true decentralised, cross-chain, peer-to-peer exchange that will facilitate the direct wallet-to-wallet transacting of digital assets between network users. The TWINS crypto-currency will be used to power a platform for buy and sell order listings, and to reward the community-supported and decentralised hosting of network nodes.


The trading of cryptocurrencies and digital assets cannot be seamless, autonomous and secure when 3rd-parties are involved in those transactions. Our mission is to facilitate direct transactions between users, without any intermediary obstruction, resulting in a secure, transparent and efficient marketplace,” said Alex Rožanski, co-founder at New Capital. “This peer-to-peer marketplace is essential not only for crypto-currency exchanges, but also for trading all types of digital assets in the future, such as tokenised art, Internet domain names or even phone numbers. Once the platform is in place, this architecture has unlimited possibilities, and could facilitate peer-to-peer lending or even direct betting between parties.

In order to ensure that is fully autonomous, independent and free from outsider influences, the development and maintenance of this platform must be fully funded through a self-sustainable, community-based business model. This important requirement is fulfilled by the TWINS masternode reward structure, allocating 10% of the block rewards to the development fund.

The platform is the first project to be backed by New Capital, an incubator that supports and advances transformative infrastructure projects, and the NEM foundation, developer of high performance blockchain technology.

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