XDNA is solving problems most masternode coins are unable to do by introducing innovative BitGun and Triple Node Technologies. Their website is laid out to explain their Dynamic New Adaptable (DNA) philosophy and innovations. The platform's goal is to implement community and business relations into the DNA blockchain.

XDNA Foundation
The XDNA Foundation benefits charity organizations and helps those in need. All projects will be shown on the Foundation website and all payments and donations will be trackable on the blockchain. To fund this, 350,000 XDNA from the pre-mine and 2% from each block will be used. Within their uniquely designed wallet, it is possible for investors to automatically transfer funds to the Foundation or a specific project.


Tiered Masternodes with Triple Node Technology (T.N.T.)
Tiered Masternodes are a great way of enabling different kinds of investors to be able to run a masternode and XDNA has explained this out effectively. Some might prefer a smaller investment while others are aiming at maximizing their rewards. The collateral for the nodes are as following:

  • Light Node – requires 1,000 XDNA.
  • Medium Node – requires 3,000 XDNA.
  • Full Node – requires 5,000 XDNA.

During the POW phase, these nodes will receive respectively 3%, 9% and 15% of the total block reward. During the POS phase, the reward proportion will remain, but the amounts will be determined by the SeeSaw algorithm. While normal masternodes are paid at random, XDNA's Triple Node Technology ensures that all three tiers will be paid at every block. This is explained effectively in their Medium article.


Pre-mining and Insta-mining
A common, but often overlooked risk for masternode investors is insta-mining. During the initial phase, most investors don't have the opportunity to buy coins or set up their masternodes, which leads to all masternode stakes going to a small group of people (in most cases the developers). XDNA has succeeded in preventing this from occurring by setting the block reward to 1 XDNA for the first 720 blocks.

While some masternode projects have a pre-mine up to 50% of the maximum coin supply, the XDNA team has decided to have a realistic approach, by putting only 0.7% aside for initial coin development and marketing. To assure the future development of the coin, 1% of each block reward will be used for team funds.

The BitGun method is a very innovative way to reward miners when hash rate increases. This is achieved by having a dynamic change of block reward, assuring constant income to miners. Different methods were tested and computer simulations have been used to find the perfect balance. Read more about BitGun on their Medium.


Their Whitepaper is available in 10 languages.

Website – https://xdna.io/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/XDNA_Official
Discord – https://discord.gg/M49t5gD
Telegram – https://t.me/xdna_official
Medium – https://medium.com/@xdna.info

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