KONJUNGATE is enfolding a modern ecosystem for the art market. This will help artists to get sustainable, recurring funding and assert their rights when deploying their digital artworks to the market in the decentralized, networked society of the future. Konjungate is joining the upcoming DeFi community to educate about blockchain and crypto economy and further research into decentralized finance.

Assembling a cutting edge art community, KONJUNGATE is hosting wendy.network. In a recent open art call winners of the competition "Hivemind" have been announced:


For some context, wendy.network defines Hivemind as “a collection of minds somehow linked.” The open art call is the first of its kind on wendy.network requesting for creative submissions from artists on the concept; how it affects the work process, community, and outcomes of artists.

That being said, Michel Rolland’s submission titled “Sabotage” was selected as one of the winning entries. Sabotage is a one-character video with duplicates of the same character performing the same acts but at different times.


In an interview with wendy.network, the French artist shared his views on the Hivemind concept. He said:

I think that the hive is a class system. And in a hive, there is a Queen and the bees obey orders. The bees are unable to disobey the Queen because the Queen never asks something that goes against the community… So I think the hivemind can be understood as a collective power but also as a collective blindness.

Rolland’s concept references the recent happenings at the American Congress; from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic to the invasion of the Capitol, and the supposed impeachment of Trump.

According to him, the Queen bee is the government. If the government rolls out an unfair policy, it is expected that some citizens would disobey.

That is why I wanted to show in “Sabotage” me pretending to obey, but in fact, doing as I wish.

Franziska Ostermann is a post-conceptual multimedia artist, working with photography and writing to explore hyperreality, virtuality and matters of identity.
In this exhibition Franzika presents three series of photographs:
FIRN, 2016, a self-portrait series wherein the artist explores the exclusive moment where the artist is the “photographed and the photographer” raising questions related to ego and the virtual presence;

SELFOBSERVATIONS, is a currently evolving series that started in 2019, and takes the cultural phenomena of the selfie to operate on subjects like human self awareness and globalization;
OFF FACES, 2020, shows bodies covered by a glossy fabric and intends to reflect upon identity and the connection between the physical and digital worlds.

Liyu Xue is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Using an array of media including video, performance, and photography, the artist explores the performative nature of image-making. Liyu also invests in consciousness research and neuroscience, where the artist finds new perspectives and evidence to think about bodily presence and embodiment.

For this open call, Liyu brings an interdisciplinary work, that through AR, gathers efforts to understand what is performance and how it can be analyzed after the act happens.

About Konjungate

Konjungate is an art-based blockchain platform shadowing a 1999 cyber novel - MACHFELD. The project was launched in Vienna, Austria on May 25, 2019, and addresses the problem of contemporary art funding.

The KONJUNGATE Team is developing there own side chain solution, which enables to store any kind of data on the KONJ side chain system  based on a fractal architecture. This also means KONJ is for more than payments. It’s a place for smart contracts, financial services, games and DApps that can’t manipulate your data nor cheat with you. Beyond that It is used as a form of payment and trade for digital and physical assets as well as the provision of trading liquidity.

The Konjungate blockchain utilizes a combination of Proof-of-Work (PoW), Proof-of-Stake (PoS), and Masternodes.Speaking of masternodes, the required collateral to deploy a Konjungate masternode is 2,750,000 KONJ, with a rewards per block of 225.25 KONJ.Masternode operator receive 113.75 KONJ per block; an amount that increases by 17% every 6 months beginning at block height 526000.