For this edition of our Monthly Buzz Backer, we’ll be considering the level of the progress our Premium Backer, Merge has made in the last 30 days.

Merge Radio, one of the core services offered by Merge blockchain has gone live. The platform which creates a space for blockchain enthusiasts to share knowledge and interact will stream blockchain-related content 24/7 – music, blockchain-related talk shows, news, podcasts, debates, games, and advertisements.

It is also worth stating that Merge Radio will be scheduling and airing 15-45 minute segments for blockchain projects. The segments are generally free to crypto projects and promises to be inspiring and engaging to the crypto community. Team leads can come onboard and talk about their projects.

Whilst the primary focus of Merge Radio is to provide blockchain-related audio content, the platform can also be used to deploy radio stations. Customers who wish to acquire and run radio stations can go through Merge Radio. With Merge Radio, they can skip the technical aspects of setting up a radio station. In this regard, Merge Radio is powered by MERGE (the utility token of the ecosystem) and offers hosting, site management, 5GB of MP3 storage, 250 simulcasted listeners, 5 DJ login, and Discord live stream.

This makes the job a lot easier for any project willing to work with us, as the whole technical parts will be sorted by us. The teams using the service will then have to take care of the content their radio would play to their various communities and audience.

In other news, Merge has introduced two new and distinctive Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) with its recent blockchain upgrade. The RPCs are “getstakingset” and “getbestproofhash”. The former outputs the amount of MERGE left in a wallet after a transaction and uses it in creating encryption for solving hashes, while the latter provides confirmation that a user’s Merge wallet submits its best proof hash in order to win the block.