Following its launch on Telegram and Discord last year, RocketBot has made its debut on Twitter. As a result, Twitter users can now access the entire functionality of the tipping bot from a single RocketBot wallet once their accounts are linked.

Merge’s RocketBot is a bot that primarily allows users to send cryptocurrency tips, giveaways, and airdrops on social media. Users can also subscribe to news channels and check on current market pricing.

As per how the bot functions on Twitter, users can easily launch the bot by clicking a link. Inputting a command like “Help” or “Command” will quickly get users up to speed on the functions available to them. Meanwhile, commands such as “Coins” or “Balances” will pull up details that include the number of supported cryptocurrencies, as well as the available balance.

So far, RocketBot supports only 8 cryptocurrencies. Developers can however apply to have their coins listed by locking MERGE tokens. Locked tokens will be returned once the listing agreement is terminated.

To tip someone on Twitter, all a user needs to do is to type in the “Tip” command in the format “@Rocketbotpro tip @Userxyz 200 Merge.” The same steps apply to Airdrops and Giveaways.

Overall, the bot is easy to use and integrates very well with Twitter.

Moving forward, the Merge team will work towards adding support for ERC20 tokens, revamping its user interface, and unveiling a P2P exchange.