It appears that cryptocurrency project, Qabio, and its supposed one-click masternode service,, has pulled an exit scam on the masternode community.

As at the time of reporting, all their social media channels appear to be empty, as seen in the screenshots below.

Qabio's Twitter Page has been deleted.

The project which launched in August 2018, claimed to offer free masternode hosting services at zero fees. This was arguably the bait that lured unsuspecting investors. However, in October, a user on BetweenBlocks (@MN.fansscrewedme) raised an alert on a possible scam. He stated that:

I want to share my experience with using platform. I was trying to set a Qabio MN and was directed from Qabio’s website to website. I ignorantly transfer $2000 to my account to use their one-click masternode setup. Come to find out, has no working one-click server setup that I could find and there isn't a withdraw button anywhere I could find. Now I am out 2k and I haven't heard back after multiple emails and days. I would stay away from both of these companies. If anyone out there has info that could help me please let me know.

Qabio came forward to debunk his claim noting that difference in time zones was responsible for the delays and that the user has been refunded.

Sadly, it appears the allegations were true after all. Qabio has deleted their social media accounts and their website is down as well.