Rapids Network has announced its plan to allocate a percentage of its RPD tokens to pursue a listing on Binance DEX. A certain portion of RPD will be migrated to BEP2 tokens on the Binance Chain in anticipation of a proposed integration of RPD onto Binance DEX. The Network which currently runs its own network based on QUARK algorithm will be earmarking 1.5 Billion RPD tokens for trading on Binance DEX as BEP tokens.

In addition to the proposed listing on Binance DEX, the team is also working on integrating a “Bridge”. This will enable the swapping of mainnet RPD tokens to RPD BEP tokens automatically. Both token types will be storable in the upcoming Android and IOS wallets. The team added that:

With all this operating on the blockchain, creating transparency, immutability and accountability are the project’s goal to create a smooth operating trusted project, with clarity via Binance to the Rapids community.

Rapids is a PoS and Masternode Cryptocurrency that is trying to build a network which enables the transfer of RPD tokens across social media platforms.