The Rapids team has stepped forward to address concerns regards its overdue roadmap goals; clarifying issues bothering on its mobile wallet, FIAT-RPD integration, atomic swaps, partnerships, and web/mobile browser social media widget integration.

The team revealed that it was forced to pull out from an initial partnership to produce multi-wallet hardware after the said third party reneged on the terms of the contract. Consequently, the team had to start building its wallet from scratch. All things being equal, the Rapids Mobile Wallet is expected to be ready in the next 2-3 weeks.

The Rapids Network also revealed that its partnership with CryptoWolf since June has finally yielded some results. To this end, FIAT to RPD transactions will be integrated into the network and community members will be able to purchase RPD with credit and debit cards.

With regards to the Atomic Swap feature, Rapids is working with SWFT to enable conversions from RPD to any other cryptocurrency supported by SWFT. More partnerships of this nature are on the way. The team revealed that talks are ongoing with several UK companies and they have been fruitful so far.

Finally, Rapids is working on a web browser and social media widgets integration that will allow users to send and request payments without having to ask for an RPD address. Each social media address will be associated with an RPD address. The timeline for the completion of this feature has been set at Q4.