Rapids, a PoS and masternode cryptocurrency which is working towards merging blockchain payment solutions with already existing social media tech, has revised and rebranded their whitepaper. Confirming the announcement on Twitter, the team urged its fan base to:

Check out the brand new, revised & rebranded Rapids RPD WhitePaper! We go a little more in-depth on our innovative social blockchainproject to provide more technical specs & future plans.

Quoting from the rebranded whitepaper, with Rapids embedded into social media platforms, we will be able to send and receive payments directly to friends, family, colleagues, companies, and anyone in between.

Rapids on Buzz' Coin Directory

As earlier stated, Rapids is a masternode crypto. Running a masternode on the network requires 10,000,000 RPD tokens. Block reward is shared between stakers and masternode holders. Stakers receive 33% while masternodes get 66%.

The project has already achieved some important milestones such as getting listed on some exchanges, migrating to QUARK algorithm and releasing desktop wallets. Upcoming milestones include getting listed on high volume exchanges, releasing their mobile wallets, atomic swaps and getting pre-paid card licenses, amongst others.

In addition to their rebranding phase, congratulations to Rapids for getting listed on Masternode.Online. Users can see a quick preview of masternode stats and explorer activities on the website.