Update: In the English VeChain Telegram Channel, Sunny Lu (VeChain CEO) stated: I don’t want to make any misleading but We need more time to investigate and make proper statement. Before that, please don’t speculate anything.

Rumors flying around has it that VeChain has bought Ambrosus and the blockchain business will be renamed to VeChain GmbH. Although the Ambrosus team has not stepped forward to confirm or deny the rumors, several pointers are confirming the validity of the claim.

A publication on SHAB, the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce, reads as follows (when translated on Google):

Ambrosus Technologies GmbH, Zug, CHE-422.231.745, Limited Liability Company (SHAB No. 156 of 15.08.2018, Publ. 4416297). Amendments to the Articles of Association: 04.03.2019. New company: VeChain GmbH. New Company Translations: (VeChain SARL) (VeChain LLC). Retired persons and extinct signatures: Versetti, Angel, Antiguan, in Monaco (MC), partner and chairman of the management board, with individual signature, with 180 ordinary shares of CHF 100.00 each. Registered persons new or mutating: Meyer, Stefan, von Blatten, in Donneloye, partner and managing director, with individual signature, with 200 ordinary shares of CHF 100.00 each [so far: with 20 ordinary shares of CHF 100.00 each].

Rumors have it that Angel Versetti has been bought out and the former CTO, Stefan Meyer is the new owner of the company.

Jonathan Habicht, German blockchain researcher and investor stated:

SHAB Publications are legit, don't know the English word but its the place where businesses and shareholders have to register.  Looks like they bought out Angel Versetti, former CTO Stefan Meyer owns the company now. Its called the VeChain GmbH now.

It is worth stating again that these are all rumors for the time being, since the team is yet to say anything concrete. We are hoping that the team comes out to clear the air very soon, or the market may react negatively.

Ambrosus is a blockchain-powered IoT network for food and pharmaceutical enterprises, enabling secure and frictionless dialogue between sensors, distributed ledgers and databases to optimise supply chain visibility and quality assurance.