Earlier in February, we reported that plans to launch Safe Haven’s masternode program, otherwise known as Safe Nodes were on the way. The project’s dev team confirmed that final testing and debugging on the Node App has been completed and the Safe Node app is ready to go mainstream.

As earlier reported there are 4 tiers of Safe Nodes, each with different collateral, maturity period and reward.

The Connect Node requires 1,000,000 SHA and has a maturity period of 30 days. Harbor Node has collateral of 2,500,000 SHA and a maturity period of 45 days. Consensus and Legacy nodes require 10,000,000 and 30,000,000, respectively and will mature in 60 and 90 days, respectively.

The team went further to state that even though the Node App is complete, the chances of experiencing the launch of Safe Nodes on a mobile device are quite slim. This is because they are still trying to list the app on App stores, particularly, App Store and Play Store.

Safe Haven has also given a Snapshot date as to when Node-specific amount of SHA needs to be stored on a user’s VeChainThor wallet in order to receive rewards. The Snapshot date has been given as May 1.

Please keep in mind that once the Snapshot takes place, you cannot remove an amount of SHA that will decrease your Node Level without needing to wait the full maturity period to re-establish that Node level. This Snapshot will only occur once, after which time the required Node Maturity is hard-coded into the smart contracts and cannot be waived.