Safe Haven which touts itself as the solution to digital inheritance has completed the first form of its flagship product, the Safe Haven Inheritance Platform (SHIP). The team went further to reveal that initial testing of APIs and a closed beta program with potential partners will run side-by-side with improving the first iteration of the platform. They believe that an improved version of the SHIP will foster adoption and ensure seamless integrations. The two versions of the Inheritance Platform have thus been labelled as SHIP v1.0 and SHIP v1.1, with the latter being the upgrade.

SHIP’s contract system is one of the important highlights of the Platform. Quoting an official Medium post by the team, they stated:

SHIP’s contract system is a complex series of shares that are housed within each dedicated smart-contract. Two significant aspects of such are the storage of shares within the dedicated smart-contract and the deployment of the contracts themselves. These two aspects of the platform architecture are what make the Inheritance Platform “work.”

Other important features of v1.0 are the notification system and a shared authority model. As the name suggests, the notification system sends out an “automated series of chronological instructions to all parties” involved in a contract. Once a validator (typically a lawyer) logs in the conditions of a contract, the platform follows it to the latter.

The shared authority model allows certain shareholders to have greater rights with regards to voting or appropriating funds.

Safe Haven Foundation is a Decentralized B2B2C Platform which supports companies and blockchain projects, aiding their expansion within their verticals. We will open our platform and tech solutions to the community, developers, entrepreneurs, inheritance, trust professionals, and existing financial services companies.