Digital Security has grown to become a vital part of our day-to-day activities. The tiniest breach of security such as user password could result in a significant loss of funds or personal data. “Safe Haven is building a solution for inheritance, asset distribution and asset control.” Their solution encrypts data and assets until predetermined conditions are met.

Source: Safe Haven Medium

The company has announced the release of its hardware encryption device, SafeKey FIDO 2.

The SafeKey FIDO 2 is now available for the Safe Haven and VeChain community, they announced on Twitter.

SafeKey which has been dubbed “the secure key for your digital life,” has two-factor authentication (2FA) and Universal 2nd factor (U2F) enabled. Thus, providing a second layer of security in the event that a user’s password gets compromised. Additionally, confirming logins to websites required only the push of a button on the device, once synced. It would be right to think of the device like a “hard token” required to large banking transactions.

There are also plans to integrate the FIDO 2 on crypto exchanges.

The device is currently priced at 29.99 EUR/piece and 54.99 EUR for two pieces at their ongoing pre-launch sales. Interested individuals can purchase the device with either VeChain, Bitcoin, Euro or Dollars.