Earlier in May 2019, Syscoin set the release of its highly anticipated migration to version 4.0 to June 4 at block number 548662. The dev team has outlined a sequence of events that will mark a successful migration.

Blockchain Foundry (BCF) is expected to take a snapshot of Syscoin 3.0 at block 548690. Subsequently, the new Syscoin 4.0 code will be compiled with this snapshot in coordination with the Syscoin Foundation, Dev and Marketing Teams. They will be working together to ensure the final tests are stable.

Moving on, miners and explorers on the network will be invited to test the new code and validate it operability and functionality. Once their upgrade is complete, exchanges and other services that list Syscoin will be required to pull the code as well.

A public release of the new wallet will be provided once all these steps and upgrades are successful. It is expedient to note that the team has asked users not to send Syscoin until the public release, for the security of their funds.

Syscoin 4.0 will significantly increase the scalability and throughput of the network by removing non-value based transactions from the blockchain.