The SINOVATE (SIN) team has scored a major milestone in its development through a strategic partnership with Manganorobot. The collaboration is significant to the team because this will be the first time its decentralized cloud storage (I.D.S) and document authentication (S.D.V) solutions will be used in real-life scenarios.

Manganorobot has been in the business of industrial automation since 1999, providing bespoke solutions in the areas of industrial robots programming, development of online and offline software PLC, technical trainings and advice. The company works closely with automobile behemoths like Ferrari, Jaguar and Audi.

Speaking on the collaboration, the CTO of Manganorobot, Pasquale Zullo talked about how the company will implement SINOVATE’s solutions. For a start, Manganorobot will integrate I.D.S and S.D.V into its offline programming and simulation. Because of the number of revisions, controls, approvals, and technical checks involve in its business processes, errors and external tampering would attract additional costs. I.D.S will be used to send, store, and verify encrypted data files.

Thanks to the new technology services that we intend to put in place, we will not only avoid errors but will also further reduce costs, thus optimizing the quality and service provided to the customer, both in economic and reliability terms.

Zullo went on to state that in the future Manganorobots may set up infinity nodes in all its offices whilst working on integrating communication and verification directly into production plants.

I.D.S. Stage-1 will be implemented in 2020, at which point Manganorobot will officially integrate the first working product. DataSend Level 1 allows exchanging up to 1.5 MB of encrypted documents between two parties. Unlimited sending and storage of data will be permitted upon implementation of Level 5 (Private Networking), which will take place during the third quarter of 2022.