SINOVATE has released an updated version of its roadmap. The roadmap version 3 highlights what the team is expected to work on from December 2019 to Q2 of 2023.

As the year draws to a close, the team is expected to release an updated mainnet wallet, unveil its mobile wallet for both iOS and Android devices, increase SIN transaction fees, pursue a wallet integration on both Trezor and Ledger, make its financial statements public, and release an updated version of the SINOVATE whitepaper.

Moving into 2020, SINOVATE has hinted that it will pursue listings on major exchanges. A deterministic infinity node infrastructure will also be established, along with a list of nodes, rewards and a technical whitepaper publication. By May 2020, there will be an Initial Burn Offering (IBO), maxing out at 135 million SIN coins.

Q2 of 2020 will be marked by “Big Data Revolution” using Infinity Nodes. The first steps towards achieving this will be by implementing an Incorruptible Data Storage (I.D.S) infrastructure. The team will start by adding a feature for sending data along with SIN transactions, then move to implement R.S.V. E-Governance, and adding Schnorr Signatures. Node rewards and tier node limits are expected to reduce in Q2 in favor of lower coin emission. In Q4 of the same year, SINOVATE will add a “Blockchain Mail” feature to I.D.S and will enable the sending of data types such as voice and video files along with SIN coin transactions.

Some other dev progress for upcoming years include the launch of SINOVATE Heritage and Personal Funds Protection, adding sharding to the blockchain for scalability and more work on its I.D.S solution.