SmartCash which aims to build “the nimblest and fastest-growing cryptocurrency by aggressively prioritizing block rewards to growing [their] community, …and gaining merchant acceptance,” has announced that their fanbase should expect two major updates in the coming months. These updates are geared towards improving decentralization, community engagement, and censorship resistance of the blockchain project. The team noted that they will be adding Super Nodes to the network, thus, offering participants a total of three ways to benefit from the network – SmartRewards, SmartNodes, and SuperNodes.

They will be updating SmartRewards to include SmartVoting, as a criterion to get rewards. Each address has to participate in the SmartVoting process to be eligible for rewards. The team believes that this will help members of the active community earn more, since inactive addresses will no longer be receiving payments. Additionally, SmartRewards will be shifted to a 90-day holding cycle, which is equivalent to 142,500 blocks. Also, SmartNodes and SuperNodes will not be eligible for SmartRewards.

The timeline for unfolding these updates have been pegged at Q4 2018 for SmartRewards and Q1 2019 for SuperNodes. SuperNodes will require a higher amount of collateral since they are performing specialized functions like powering the SmartPay API and ElectrumSmart servers.