Changing the collateral, distribution and max supply can be controversial, but in Social Send's case it was the majority decision in a big community vote on their Discord.

The collateral change was the biggest hurdle with 111 people voting to double the collateral, vs 54 (combined) negative votes. Increasing the collateral by more than a factor of 2 was a lot less popular, with 33 combined votes for the three other options. In the end a collateral change to 12.500 was decided.


Block rewards will be halved every year with 22 for the first year, and 1.5 for the 5th year and there after. Because of the high starting reward and yearly halving, the changes could be considered a short-term play to compete with current higher-ROI masternodes.

Since ROI will be quite high on earlier days; it may even go upto 300% when we do not have enough masternode. Once we get 500 Masternodes in the network, ROI will be 185%+ for the first year. And once we hit 1000 Masternodes, ROI will be around 92%+. To get to 1000 MNs, we need around 12.5 Million coins locked, which will take time and the price may will be higher accordingly..

The maximum supply will be changed from 150 million to 65 million, which will be reached in about 10 years. 10% of the block rewards will be allocated to the development fund.