It’s commonly said that “one good turn deserves another.” As part of efforts to appreciate and compensate the Solaris community, privacy-focused crypto exchange, Txbit, will be rewarding Solaris holders in a “Solaris Reward Program”.

The Txbit team has chosen Solaris XLR holders for the following reasons; Solaris is decentralized, did not have an ICO, has little interference from the team (the core team has less than 1% of the total XLR supply), and maintains a solid partnership with Txbit.

The crypto exchange will be giving 50% of the net transaction fees to users who sign up and link their XLR assets to Txbit. As part of the program, individuals who run masternodes and stake Solaris coins will be rewarded for their holdings.

A “Staking Monitoring” feature will be introduced in Q1 2019 and rewards will then split in the following ratio; 80% to all masternodes, and 20% to all stakers.
Rewards will come in the form of BTC, ETH and XLR, and will initially be deposited into the txbit accounts of users.

The most interesting thing about the reward program is that masternode holders and members of the Solaris community do not have to transfer their funds to the exchange to participate. Txbit noted in an official post that:

The Solaris Reward Program is a secondary layer of passive income for anyone who runs a Solaris Masternode or Stakes XLR.
Our unique reward system will monitor your Solaris Masternode or Staking Addresses, and pay out the rewards directly to your account. This means that you will still be running the Solaris Masternode or Staking XLR just like you have been all this time, but now you have the ability to link your holdings for extra rewards.