StakeCube, a staking pool created by the founders of StakeCubeCoin in June 2018 announced the addition of a "Quick- Buy option" on its platform which will enable instant purchasing of a coin without direct fees for the market price. Currently, they stated it will only support coins that are listed on The report claims that the new feature is supposed to boost the current market and also generate the potential for the growth of the coin's price.

One noticeable thing about the Quick-Buy price is that it can be higher / different from the one on StakeCube exchange. This is because the idea of the free market implies that StakeCube does not influence prices. The price can, of course, differ between exchanges.

The announcement stated that there will be no additional fees for executing an order since StakeCube does not charge any extra cost. Emphasis was made on the ease and user friendly experience of the platform even for newbies as well. The team also expressed their intentions to list on other exchange platforms in addition to