The StakeCube team announced to members of its community on February 24 that its blockchain had been hacked. In what has been tagged a partially successful attack, a significant amount of SCC tokens was moved from the network’s pool balance. Although the exact amount of SCC that has been stolen is yet to be disclosed, it appears the hacker(s) also withdrew some LTC, DASH, BTC, DOGE, BITG, and RDD from the pool.

Apparently, the hacker(s) exploited a loophole on the StakeCube platform. Consequently, the platform has been closed and logins will remain locked until the issue is fixed.

There is a bug in the internal transfers that allowed the user to manipulate his balance on the database. We are currently working on recreating and resolving the issue.

Following the discovery, StakeCube has contacted exchanges, particularly Crex24, in a bid to isolate the stolen coins. However, as at press time, SCC markets were still open on Crex24. Liquidating its DASH masternodes was another step the team took to prevent further damage.

Still, on the subject of coin recovery, StakeCube has hinted that it will be performing a hard fork and rolling back its blockchain to just before the hack. This, however questions the immutability of blockchains.