Stakenet has joined the list of cryptocurrencies supported by Ledger hardware wallets. Announcing this development on February 4, the team tweeted:

We are proud to announce XSN is available on LedgerHQ! You can now safely store your XSN on a Ledger device. The next stage of development for XSN on Ledger will be integrating Trustless Proof of Stake (TPoS) to enable cold-storage stakingfor enhanced security.

Users are however expected to upgrade to Ledger Live 1.3.4 in order to safely store their XSN on a Nano S or Ledger Blue device.

Stakenet is “a trustless interchain economy on a PoS blockchain with lightning network, masternodes, a lightning decentralized exchange, and decentralized applications.” They boast of being the first trustless interchain economy.

XSN is the local currency of the blockchain. Interestingly, Stakenet is amongst the first blockchain to perform lightning swaps, after Bitcoin and Litecoin.