Stakenet has announced the release of its DEX API. The strategic move will give developers access to the necessary tools needed to set up automated systems within the exchange space; from trading bots to arbitrage bots, market maker and lots more. The Stakenet team said:

Having a sound and reliable API is an important step for our DEX allowing for a strong developer/trading community and collaboration with strategic partners moving forward.

A little probe of the public repo reveals some of the components of Stakenet’s DEX API. Some of the components include a trading bot built in Scala and a light wallet daemon. The trading bot will connect with the lssd app via the grpc API to generate orders, while the wallet daemon is the grpc app for placing orders and executing swaps.

Stakenet’s DEX aims to solve the problem of slow transaction speeds and low volume. The DEX is powered by Lightning Network and an ecosystem of dedicated masternodes. It also features a DEX Aggregator for pooling together the order books of multiple DEXs to create high volume.