One of the first things I look at before investing in any cryptocurrency project is its team. Irrespective of how novel an idea or concept may appear, if they do not have the right expertise, then they are bound to fail. In line with this, Stakenet has added two experienced individuals to their Development Team; a hardware engineer and a post-doctorate research scientist.

Vasyl Parovinchak is the Hardware Engineer and has over 12 years of experience working with some top brands in Silicon Valley. Apple and Virgin Healthcare are some of the brands he has worked with. He has expertise on the following areas: PCB development, schematics to hardware development, software development, as well as printing and production. His working prototypes are currently undergoing rigorous testing to ensure they comply with the company’s safety and security standards.

Che Stafford, on the other hand, is the company’s new research specialist. He bagged a PhD at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in the field of cellular biology and inflammation. He will be working hand in hand with other XSN researchers to author scientific papers, cement partnerships in the medical area, and connect blockchain tech with life sciences. Che is currently working on academic papers simplifying the operations of Blockchain X Bio-medical services.

The company in an official post stated that:

With our new team of experts, we aim to soon have the ability to custom tailor devices to our XSN Blockchain, giving our native tokens special and unique intrinsic value not found elsewhere in the realm of wearable biosensor technologies.