Stakinglab has announced the launch of a new platform aimed at helping developers launch their coins. The masternode launchpad called “PreLab” targets both coin developers and investors. The team in their announcement stated that:

Every coin developer and potential investor can create an account on PreLab. We offer a simple, seamless and safe opportunity to handle your presale. This is the place where all newly launched coins will be listed.

Furthermore, a brief description of the platform on its official website notes that “coin owners can use our platform to finish every cycle of their coin presale, from the beginning to the end. Meanwhile, investors can see all available coin presales and all information that they need in order to buy coins."

PreLab features all the newly launched coins in one place. For investors, this will remove a layer of stress in having to search out and decide which coins to put money into.

PreLab Interface

PreLab has a basic and easy-to-use interface. There are currently 3 live presales on the platform. Investors can quickly run through certain details on the coin they want to invest in. There’s also a score describing the health of the coin on the platform.