The Journey So Far

Since the phenomenal rise of Bitcoin in late 2017, the cryptocurrency space has witnessed a lot of interesting changes and investment tools. From the transition from Proof-of-Stake networks to Proof-of-Stake algorithms, the proliferation of ICOs, cloud mining options, arbitrage, margin trading, IEOs, masternodes and now decentralized finance (DeFi), each of these investment tools have generally being hailed as ‘safe’ and ‘transparent’. However, data and experience has shown that some of these options have been discarded in disappointment a year or two later.

In line with this, has unveiled its comparison tool for DeFi, PoS, yield farming and masternode interest rewards on digital assets. The platform which has been dubbed “crypto's comprehensive passive income resource for staking, masternodes and interest” helps investors to make informed decisions. Using the tool, investors can have an idea of the annual ROI they should expect before committing any funds.

The StakingLove Platform

At first glance, the StakingLove platform features a rather minimalistic and sleek design. Finding your way around the website is quite easy from the dashboard.

There are two sectors on the dashboard page – one to compare all cryptocurrency assets and another to compare hosting service providers.

There are currently over 35 listed digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, PIVX, Binance Coin, and VeChain. On the Provider side, StakingLove has kicked off with 6 hosting services including Binance,, Everstake, Stakefish, Self Hosted, and StakeCube.

Once on the Assets page, users can filter their search results using the name of the assets (in alphabetical order), its price, market cap, annual yield, reward type, and the number of providers supporting the asset. The available reward types include shared masternode, interest, custodial staking, delegated PoS, and masternode.

Furthermore, there is also a dedicated page for every coin listed on the platform. When a digital asset is selected, details such as its current price, 24-hour price change, marketcap, and 24-hour trading volume becomes readily available to a user.

On the Providers page, users can streamline their search results using based on the fee, potential yield, reward type, and the number of listed assets., Everstake, and Binance currently have the most assets listed.

Similar to the coins on the platform, each service provider also has a dedicated page containing details about the provider, links to its website, and the available staking options.

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