Barely a week after the launch of Swarm Capital, a premium service for digitizing assets, one of Europe’s largest industrial manufacturing company, Siemens, has opted to try out the service. Siemens will be using Swarm Capital’s platform stack to develop a “white-label funding infrastructure for a sustainable energy project in Africa.”

Considering recent discussions and concerns on climate change, energy sustainability, accountability and transparency, Swarm Capital has the opportunity to prove that blockchain tech and asset tokenization can deliver real-life solutions to everyday problems. According to the SWARM team, the energy industry presents a plethora of opportunities to apply blockchain tech and they have been interacting with major players in the sector who are in need of custom solutions.

The energy industry is abundant with potential use cases — from the tokenization of energy itself to the digital representation of carbon emissions.

As earlier reported, Swarm Capital is built on top of SWARM’s open protocol for digital securities. The product is meant to demonstrate the usability of blockchain technology.