SWARM is attempting to lower the entry barrier into the digital securities market through its “no-fee security token issuance platform.” SWARM’s CEO, Philipp Pieper had earlier expressed his concerns about the daunting processes involved in issuing digital securities, stating that:

In the year since Swarm launched, we have seen overwhelming global demand from projects seeking to issue digital securities. We’ve also seen significant barriers in the cost and complexity of compliant issuance solutions.

The platform which went live on June 3 will allow issuers to tokenize their securities without having to bother about the complexities of compliance. Along with SWARM’s Market Access Protocol, companies can deploy security tokens on a number of blockchains, including Ethereum, Tron and Stellar, and receive funding in fiat and cryptocurrencies.

A tokenized security can range from assets such as real estate to investment funds, equity, or even fine art.

Interestingly, the company already has two company’s using its platform, barely 2 weeks after launching. Resolute Fund, a real estate fund and INDX, a passive income fund. According to the Resolute Fund founder, Andy Strott,

SWARM’s no fee model and process make issuing a digital security feasible and efficient. First-time funds, and even established fund managers like us, are now able to take advantage of the benefits of tokenization and offer their unique investments to a much wider network of investors.