“Decentralized Business Platform”, Syndicate has been working behind the scenes to ensure that the network is up-to-date with regards to development and keeping up with their roadmap. They have unveiled some updates to this effect.

In line with this, all users are encouraged to update their clients to Syndicate Core 2.1.0. A 5-day grace period has been given. Some of the notable changes includes fixing the wrongly displayed balance on the overview tab, resolving excessive peer banning, and switching to libsecp26k1 signature verification for improved security.

There are also new specifications to block rewards. 70% of block reward goes to masternodes. This leaves the remaining 30% for stakers. Additionally, the team has stated the required masternode collateral for various block categories.

346000 to block 432799 – 9 synx per block — MN Collateral: 5,000
432800 to block 519599 – 8 synx per block — MN Collateral: 10,000
519600 to block 606399 – 7 synx per block — MN Collateral: 15,000
606400 to block 693199 – 6 synx per block — MN Collateral: 20,000
693200 to block 779999 – 5 synx per block — MN Collateral: 25,000