SYShub is an easy-to-use governance portal developed by Syscoin. The portal which enables the creation of proposals, voting and tracking of proposals is out of beta testing and is now live.

The beta version of SYShub was announced on November 13. The primary purpose of the portal is to simplify the process of creating proposals and keeping track of votes on Syscoin’s QT command-line interface. Using the QT command-line interface is difficult for average users. Additionally, trying to find information on how to create a proposal on the network was cumbersome, since there was no organized or centralized repository for documentation. SYShub was created to solve these problems.

SYShub alleviates these difficulties by introducing an easy-to-use portal for creating proposals, documentation, voting and keeping track of other governance information.

Source: Medium

The team has noted that they have made some changes to the live version of the hub. Some changes from the beta version include:

  • Change in logo and branding
  • Two-factor authentication which includes SMS or Google authentication
  • Panel for masternode resources
  • News resources section
  • Removal of custom chat. Members can make use of Discord or Telegram
  • Next superblock date

Although the hub is currently a closed-source project, the team is open to receive community members who want to contribute to its development.