TE-FOOD has opened their Masternode Management Portal and began the process of onboarding masternode applicants. As stated in earlier updates, applicants are expected to go through “Know Your Customer - KYC” processes.

The company has started performing KYC checks and migrating application data from Google form to the Portal. TE-FOOD already noted that they will be giving out only 99 masternode slots – 48 Steel masternodes, 33 Platinum masternodes, and 18 Titanium masternodes, at the initial phase. The competition is quite stiff, and only those who scale through the assessment will receive a success email. Successful applicants can view the stats of their migrated node, and check where they rank on the node tier.

By ranking position, it means that if you applied for a Platinum masternode for example, and you are ranked 21, there are 20 other Platinum node applications higher than yours. Some of the criteria used for ranking includes the registration time, reputation discount, and eligibility time.

Contracting of masternodes will be done in November, and applicants have been advised to register on the portal. Only successful applicants – those who have registered and scaled through KYC will be assigned masternodes. Applicants who fail to comply will lose their ranking and will have to apply again. The deadline for registration on the Portal is November 5, 2018.