TE-FOOD in a bid to explore the Indian market has partnered with top agritech business and solutions provider in India, Tier 1 Network. Considering the size of the Asian country (1.3 billion people) and the services TE-FOOD offer to businesses, there is little wonder why the blockchain project is trying to enter the Indian market. The Indian food and grocery market currently generates over $30 billion in export volume, and sits as the world’s sixth largest market in this niche. Additionally, 58% of the population of the nation engage in one form of agriculture.

Tier 1 Digital, which is the farm tech unit of Tier 1 Network is working on Rain+ Suite. Rain+ is a supply chain management software that offers a set of farm management products.

Just like TE-FOOD, the Bangalore-based solution provider, Tier 1 has served thousands of customers in the food and agriculture industry. The primary aim of the partnership is for both companies to supplement their efforts and portfolio, in serving their clients better.

Source: Medium

According to TE-FOOD’s official Medium post:

Tier 1 Digital will work to sell and implement TE-FOOD’s blockchain based food traceability solution to food companies in India. In the future, TE-FOOD intends to offer Tier 1 Digital’s Rain+ suite to its customers all around the world to manage their supply chain activities. The parties decided to connect the two systems to fill the gaps of their solutions and provide a complete suite of software for food companies.