TE-FOOD has introduced a new masternode structure following feedback from its community. The world’s largest blockchain-based food traceability solution now has two masternode categories on its FoodChain – Supernodes and Masternodes. Whilst supernodes have been reserved for bigger players such as supply chain companies, masternodes are for the consumer community.

Interestingly, supernodes are not incentivized for their functions. Their only motivation is to participate in the network. Masternodes, on the other hand, are incentivized.

In addition to being validated by masternodes, a transaction needs to be validated by at least one supernode before it is published on the FoodChain.

As per the infrastructure to manage the masternode system, TE-FOOD has partnered with TriBlock Ltd. TriBlock will be providing cloud infrastructure to masternodes, including but not limited to deploying a simple onboarding solution. The partnership will help TE-FOOD focus on core activities.

It appears that TE-FOOD will also be increasing the number of masternodes allowed to participate in its network. Although a fixed number of masternodes has not been given, community members can be sure that more than 100 masternodes will now be allowed on the network. On the contrary, TE-FOOD has again shifted the goalpost with regards to onboarding masternodes. The new timeline to onboard the first 100 masternodes has been set to September 2019.

It is also worth noting that TE-FOOD future plan for rewards will be based on operations and not blockchain transactions. Rewards will be paid in ETH at the end if every month. New investors may have to wait before they can run their masternode, as there are over 400 applications in queue.