TE-FOOD which states they're the world’s largest publicly accessible food traceability solution has announced that they are now part of the United Nations’ Sustainable Food Systems Programme. The blockchain project which was launched in 2016 offers farm-to-table fresh food traceability for all participants in the network; from supply chain companies to consumers, and even government authorities. The company serves over 6000 business customers, is able to handle over 400,000 transactions every day, and has offered its services to over 30 million people.

TE-FOOD in an official blog post stated that:

We are proud to announce that the activities of TE-FOOD were recognized by the United Nations’ Sustainable Food Systems Programme. Some weeks ago, our joint project with FAO was featured in the newsletter of the SFS Programme. Now, TE-FOOD is accepted to join the programme as a partner.

The SFS Programme aims at creating sustainable food systems that guarantee food security and nutrition for both present and future generations.

Being recognized by a UN organization is definitely a plus to TE-FOOD. This adds a level of credibility to what they are doing. It also points to the fact that valuable blockchain projects will ultimately find real-life use cases.

TE-FOOD through this partnership has an opportunity to partner with more players in the food sector, as well as develop more innovative projects.