The world’s largest blockchain-powered food traceability solution, TE-FOOD has reopened registrations on their masternode portal. Despite this move, the Masternode onboarding which was originally scheduled for October 2018 — and later rescheduled to March 2019 — has yet to begin. It is still unclear when masternodes will be operational on the blockchain network.

The project’s masternode slots appear to be a hot cake due to limited available spaces (approximately 100). Earlier in October 2018, the project began receiving masternode registrations. Over 1500 applications were received via Google Form and the project’s Masternode Management Portal.

Now we have a list of ~1200 applications from the previous Google Form, where the rankings are generated along the criteria. On the other hand, we have ~500 the registrations on the Masternode Management Portal. We can only migrate the data only to those masternode applications, where the user is registered, and the KYC is successful. - Reddit

However, despite the large number of applicants, TE-FOOD has reopened the registration portal, without a specific date for the onboarding in view. They confirmed this in a tweet:

Masternode registrations are re-opened after a couple of months of suspension.

They went further to notify applicants that those that had already been ranked on the Masternode Portal do not need to perform any action.

TE-FOOD has a dynamic masternode model. Unlike other masternode projects that pay reward in their local currency, TE-FOOD pays operators in a stable coin, Calories (CAL).