True to their roadmap, TE-FOOD has released their blockchain on 13 October, and it is currently available on testnet. In line with this, the existing business which offers fresh food traceability services will be migrated to the blockchain in the coming months.

According to an official Medium post, they noted that beyond the creation of a specialized blockchain ledger, they have also modified the structure of TE-FOOD.

In general, the new structure has been designed to handle a large number of transactions daily. Food traceability data can also be received from web and mobile apps, as well as IoT. These data are stored on the FoodChain or any third-party blockchain. Additionally, the new framework allows for reusable templates which will speed up the process of adding new food categories.

FoodChain was built on HyperLedger and is a permissioned blockchain that employs voting to reach consensus. Stable coin, Calories (CAL) is the native token of the blockchain. The tokens will be used within the blockchain for masternode payments and settlements. Their license token TFD will still be available on the Ethereum chain as an ERC-20 token.

The TE-FOOD team has noted that more tests will be performed between now and the end of October, when the operational version of FoodChain will be released. In the coming days, they are expected to release their Masternode Management portal, as well as begin masternode selection and onboarding processes.