Blockchain food traceability solution providers, TE-FOOD has expanded their reach to New Zealand through a partnership with the New Zealand Trade Centre (NZTC).

TE-FOOD boasts of being the largest publicly accessible food traceability solution. The company offers farm-to-table food tracking, ensuring that consumers, government agencies, as well as manufacturers can keep an eye on all the channels food passes through before reaching the final consumers.

In about 2 years of operation, TE-FOOD has grown to serve over 6000 business customers, and handles about 400,000 daily business transactions.
The partnership will benefit both parties involved. While NZTC will market and promote the services of TE-FOOD in New Zealand, TE-FOOD will be implementing its farm-to-table food traceability solution for fruit products leaving the shores of New Zealand; particularly Cherry, Apple, and Kiwi being exported to countries like China, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

NZTC has been in the export business since 1993. This MoU will see that TE-FOOD’s solution garners wider adoption and implementation.

Still on the subject of MoUs and partnerships, NZTC also signed and MoU with Can Tho province, Vietnam. The company will act as the export partners for Mango products being exported from the province under the Mekong Delta Products trademark. Mekong Delta Product will be exploring TE-FOOD’s solution as well.