TE-FOOD is a food traceability project on the blockchain. They recently announced there will be Tiered Masternodes with a dual token structure. They recently signed a cooperation agreement with Deloitte.

TE-FOOD's blockchain tracking application will be available for both business and consumer use. For instance, some consumers may have very specific reasons they want to know their food's origin, for example, because of their religion. TE-FOOD responds to this by working together with Halal Trail, tracking the complete history of food processing on the blockchain.


After scanning the QR codes, end-users will be able to see the complete livestock production history. They will be able to see where the animals were bred, at which farm they were raised and at which factory they were processed.


After clicking on either the food or vaccination icon, the complete history will pop up, giving the end-user complete insight into what's on their plate. Also, the exact location of the production and processing locations will be available in the application, including an image of the farm or factory.


A short video was released, showing the processing locations and retailers on the map:


Experience the process yourself by scanning the following QR code: