Clock Universe is the community manager of Terracoin and has been with the project for over 2 years. He is a very active and experienced member of the masternode sector. In this 2-part interview we've asked him about his view on the future of terracoin and the crypto sector.

At the end of last year Terracoin implemented proposals. Now, about six months later, how would you review this implementation?
The last hard fork was a rough one, but so was the one before that and so will be the next one. Hard forks are just inherently difficult. If you want to keep the same blockchain and make sure everyone’s coins will be spendable with a simple wallet upgrade, then you have no choice but to do a hard fork. The proposal and masternode code was something we really wanted, but we also didn’t want to burn people from years and years ago who spent their hard-earned money on TRC. We want them to be able to still use it and benefit from our goals.

Is there anything you would have done differently?
As for the proposal portion of the last hard fork, I think I would do it differently now. I think we didn’t do enough to educate our community on how proposals work, and how the payouts work.

Discoveries (a sort of pre-proposal), which TheSin implemented, would have been hugely useful before the first superblock. There was a lot of confusion right before that superblock and it would have been nice to have let people put in pre-proposals with comments before the actual implementation happened.
These sorts of things are going to happen with a new technology though, and I think the key thing is that The Terracoin Foundation, and our active community has learned from each struggle that we face.

Cryptos are now no longer new and have become the breeding grounds for scammers and con-artists but the legit ones are just like companies in many ways. They grow and learn to become a better product through the challenges they have faced.

Are you satisfied with the number of different people who made a proposal, and how the budget has been spent so far?
I am very happy with how the budget has been spent so far. We have a savvy group of masternode owners, so all the right questions are always asked about proposals.

As for the number of different people and the amount of proposals; I will have to admit that I am disappointed by the low number of proposals. Since we all have the same long-term goal of helping the world, I think most people are thinking long term lofty goals for their proposals. I think they forget a smaller proposal for some stickers or something like that can also be just as useful to get the word out.

In a perfect world, I would like to see the budget filled with proposals every month and see some healthy competition for votes. I think this will improve the quality of proposals, and I also think that it will get more people to vote.