Clock Universe is the community manager of Terracoin and has been with the project for over 2 years. He is a very active and experienced member of the masternode sector. In this last part we've asked him about his view on the future of terracoin and the crypto sector.

Terracoin has been around for a very long time, recently you have passed the 2000 days milestone. I can imagine a lot has changed since, but when we look at the next 2000 days, where will Terracoin position itself?

I only had my hand in running things for a portion of the last 2000 days, but it is still really interesting to me to think about how the crypto-world has changed in the past 2000 days. It is basically impossible to talk about Terracoin in the next 2000 days without also talking about what I would guess for the crypto-world as a whole in the next 2000 days.

Almost a year ago, I was asked to write a five-year prediction of cryptos. I thought I was forward thinking about the whole crypto-environment when I wrote that, but pretty much everything I thought could happen in the next five years has already happened.

Reconsidering what I thought then and see things now, I think we will see a massive amount of regulations come down in the next couple of years. I also think we will start to see a lot of people going to prison. I think it will be more than just ICO scam artists; it will be sites, exchanges and now fake lawyers that profit off those scam artists.

It is the heyday of crypto-scams, which burns legitimate cryptos and turns off the masses of the world to looking at the benefits of the blockchain in general. During this imposing of regulations and a purge of the vast majority of cryptos, I also think we will see the collapse of Bitcoin/USD as being the gateway/metric of how a coin is doing. If people are always equating a coin to another currency, then it is always stuck in a submissive relationship with that other currency.

In the next 2000 days, Terracoin is poised to weather both challenges and start a new path. Terracoin must always lead in ethics, transparency and a dedication to helping the world differentiate from scam coins and to welcome regulations.

As for the second point, Terracoin is already building a micro-economy of people who want TRC instead of anything else. As our infrastructure, and acceptance with merchants continues to grow our Terracoin economy will grow and we can just ignore all the gateway issues apparent in the current structure.

The new path we will forge is to use our donation model to put “boots on the ground” to help disaster-stricken places around the world. This will not only help those people but will also increase adoption of TRC at each place we can help. Sorry… I think I got a bit preachy there.

I firmly believe that in the next five years we will see Terracoin in the top ten of usable cryptos, and I see Terracoin helping countless people around the world regardless of race, religion or politics.

Besides the fact that Terracoin has been operating for such a long time, what else sets it aside from other governance masternodes?

We have a dedication to ethics, transparency, helping the world, and constant innovation but the most important thing is welcoming new people. As I mentioned before, getting into cryptos and not getting burnt is hard for the average person and I think being welcoming and understanding to new people is more important than all those other things.

After someone understands that we are here for them and the community then they will learn about the other important items. Also, we’re very focused on going beyond the crypto border, which is an unexplored frontier to nearly everyone in this space. There are numerous different ideas we’re actively discussing in our community. One of them is giving away a certain amount of Terracoin to non-profits for placing a “We Accept Terricoin” on their website.

We would then educate them on how a masternode would provide ongoing income and encourage them to inform the donors in various ways. This initiative would intend to make our network stronger and increase the size of our community while educating mainstream folk about the passive income opportunity available by servicing the Terracoin network through a masternode. Of course, we’d be happy to explain the setup required – whether it is for a non-profit or an individual.

Thanks for asking me for an interview and giving me a platform for my long-winded replies!

If I may say one thing before I go, though. When I was a kid, Internet “chat” was invented. It now is usually called IM, or PM, or DM, but we thought it would change the world. Which it did to a point, but blockchain technology is going to change the world like the invention of fire or nuclear weapons. One day on the way to Mars, someone will be using a crypto to pay for goods, and I will work tirelessly to make sure that is Terracoin.