Terracoin became 6 years on the 26th of this month. Like Bitcoin, Terracoin was developed and abandoned by an anonymous developer a few years ago. The Terracoin Foundation however picked up from where he stopped and have been improving on the blockchain project since 2016.

Terracoin Foundation hopes to bring their crypto project to the forefront of usage in the industry. Well, we can only wait to see how the project matures and if the team will live true to expectations.

Probably in a bid to enlighten other members, as well as educate curious users on the current distribution of Terracoin, a user “TheSin” has compile a list of the top 200 wallets holding the cryptocurrency. The list known as the “Richlist” does not cover masternode holders, since they are further broken into TRC chunks. The highest TRC holder on the list has about 1,803,581 coins, while the least has around 6,534 Terracoins.

The team is also intensifying efforts to get word out about the project, particularly through XTR.