With an entirely blockchain based lottery system, Wagerr has set pathbreaking trends. The code and its fair results are open for public viewing and auditing, with the pot growing with every ticket that has bought, fair, established stakes.


With the chance to be the house, Wagerr has two key features. The 18% burn contributes as a great factor to hold WGR, with the blockchain burning 18% of tickets, and the lottery, in turn, placing a growing downward pressure on the supply as a whole. The second feature is the 2% earned by Masternodes, which adds more ways to be a winner, by operating the Masternode.


Upgrades and What’s New

There are a number of new features as well as improvements to the existing ones that have people excited to try out the all new Electron Wallet. With the ability to detect and bet on hundreds of simultaneous events, added to this is a fast loading app that makes it available at the click of a button. This extremely catchy, user friendly app is everything you need to shake up the betting sphere.

With the ability to view and choose from a wide range of games, and calculate potential wins, this is the technical foundation to the future of Wagerr.

With faster updates in terms of odds, and fewer blockchain data resulting in better sync with lower footprint, the ground is all set for Head to Head betting and feature complete Oracle. In conclusion, one can definitely say that Wagerr is indeed ready for growth.