Leading masternode investment comparison tool, MasterNodes.Online (MNO), has released a rundown of the performance of the masternode industry in 2019. The report covered subjects such as the highs and lows of the masternode niche in 2019, top performers, masternode services and market predictions.

According to the report, the masternode market loss around 29% of its market cap in 2019; beginning the year at $1,194,000,000 and closing at $848,000,000. DASH still maintains its dominance in the masternode niche and a large percentage of this decline can be attributed to it.

In general, the niche experienced its yearly high in June with a record $2,694,000,000. By December, the market had crashed to $777,000,000. This left only 131 coins out of 302 coins sitting in gains.

With regards to the number of masternodes and masternode coins, the extended crypto winter did not spare the masternode industry. Nearly 40% of masternode coins left the market, citing lack of funding and community interest and the core reasons for shut down.

The top-10 masternodes by market cap (in descending order) are DASH, Horizen, Energi, ZCoin, Divi, Nuls, Loki Network, Axel, PIVX and Vitae. Interestingly, 6 out of the 10 top masternodes are privacy-oriented. Projects like DASH, Horizen, PIVX and ZCoin retained a spot on the top-10 list from the previous year. Divi, Energi, and Horizen also witnessed the highest market cap increases by 825%, 304%, and 165%, respectively.

On the subject of ROI, the various tiers of Divi masternodes were top performers in 2019 for masternodes with a market cap greater than $1 million. For those less than $1 million, ImageCoin, TELOS, and BitBlocks were top performers, as shown in the image below.

In 2019, the industry saw an emphasis of “KYC”, several low and mid-cap exchange closures, and multiple exit scams.

In summary, 2020 is already starting on a good note for the masternode niche. The market is already up by over 80%. Let’s see what the year holds.